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1983   Books                         

Fiction Best Sellers
The Return of the Jedi Storybook - adapted by Joan D. Vinge     
Poland - James A. Michener     
Pet Sematary - Stephen King     
The Little Drummer Girl - John le Carre     
Christine - Stephen King     
Changes - Danielle Steel     
The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco     
White Gold Wielder: Book Three of the Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - Stephen R. Donaldson     
Hollywood Wives - Jackie Collins     
The Lonesome Gods - Louis L'Amour     

Nonfiction Best Sellers
In Search of Excellence - Thomas J. Peters, Robert H. Waterman, Jr.     
Megatrends - John Naisbitt     
Motherhood - Erma Bombeck     
The One Minute Manager - Kenneth Blanchard, Spencer Johnson     
Jane Fonda's Workout Book - Jane Fonda     
The Best of James Herriot - James Herriot     
The Mary Kay Guide to Beauty - Beauty Experts at Mary Kay Cosmetics     
On Wings of Eagles - Ken Follett     
Creating Wealth - Robert G. Allen     

Pulitzer Fiction
The Color Purple, Alice Walker   (Book)  

Pulitzer Non-fiction
Is There No Place on Earth for Me?, Susan Sheehan   (Book)  

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